3 Of The Most Functional Collars For Your Dog


There are a variety of dog collars on the market today. So much so that the choices can be a little overwhelming. Each serves a different purpose and has a different function. So not every collar will fit the needs of every dog and its important that you choose carefully. Let’s take a moment to discuss three collars that stand out among the crowd.

The GPS Dog Collar

If you are interested in taking precautions in case your dog ever gets lost, then the GPS collar is ideal. It gives you the ability to be able to locate your dog almost anywhere. And the good thing is GPS collars are less intrusive than having a microchip implanted into your pet. There are several mobile phone companies that offer pet GPS which allows you to track your dog through your mobile device. In this way you can pinpoint the dog’s exact location and your phone will lead you directly to him. Some phone companies even go so far as to offer additional features that sends you special alerts, via emails or text messages if your dog ever ventures off beyond a certain point.

animal-dog-pet-cuteThe Waterproof Dog Collar

If you plan on taking your dog on vacations near the water, you live near water or simply have a dog who loves to find water and play in it, then waterproof collars are perfect for you. Unlike the average collar, this product resists water and makes it easy for your dog to go from climate to climate without your having to worry about cleaning his collar. This is especially helpful if you are trying to maintain a sanitary home because your dog’s collar can pick up a lot of bacteria along the way. One of the major benefits of this type of collar is that it is resistant to odor. These types of collars come in a variety of styles. Some even offer a GPS option as well.

Silicone Dog Collar

If you find that your dog goes through collars a lot,perhaps they break due to your dog’s rough housing or a lack of quality material, then this is the perfect option for you. Silicone dog collars are by far the most durable. They are also waterproof and can easily withstand changes in weather and environment. And just as with waterproof collars, this material is odorless and there is no build up of dirt and bacteria. Also, for the pet owners who are concerned about the condition of the environment and going green, then you will be pleased to know that this material is considered to be eco friendly.

Each of these collars serves a specific purpose and can make yours and your dog’s life just a little bit easier. GPS collars ensure that you will always be able to find your dog in case of an emergency. Waterproof collars helps you to avoid a build of bacteria and odor. And silicone collars are the most durable. Ultimately, your decision will depend on what best suits your needs.